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Dr Anna Ratajska

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Anna Ratajska obtained a Master’s degree in Biology at the University of Warsaw in 1977. Her PhD thesis was conducted at Medical Academy of Warsaw (currently Medical University of Warsaw) and the doctoral degree was obtained under the supervision of Prof. Zbigniew Gawlik on the topic of matrix remodeling in wound healing and liver regeneration. Then, she became interested in extracellular matrix and microvessel remodeling in various models of hypertensive myocardium and completed her postdoctoral training in Dr. Weber’s Lab at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, as a recipient of The Fogarty International Fellowship (1991–1992). Dr Ratajska continued to study coronary vessel development under the supervision of Prof. Robert Tomanek at the University of Iowa. After completing her postdoctoral training in the United States (1995), she returned to her alma mater where she has been involved in teaching students and performing research related with cardiac remodeling, including coronary vessel and lymphatic vessel formation in ontogenic development.

Currently, Dr Ratajska hols a position as full Professor at the Medical University of Warsaw, where her research interests include congenital heart defects (animal models) and their relation to coronary vessel malformation(s). She is a recipient of the Polish Ministry of Health awards (1991, 2002) and internal awards of the Warsaw University’s Rector. She is the Principal Investigator of several national grants related with morphological aspects of coronary vessel and lymphatic vessel visualization in cardiac remodeling. She is an Expert on cardiac angiogenesis & lymphangiogenesis, and cardiac macrophages.

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