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The multidisciplinary LYMIT-DIS project integrates recent technological and conceptual advances developed by the scientific participants, including metabolomic analyses as well as in-patient evaluations of microvascular function to develop innovative therapies for patients with diastolic heart failure.

LYMIT-DIS addresses the ERA‐Net Cofund action (European Research Area Network co-funded by the European Commission, EC) under the ‘ERA-CVD mission: “create a European Research Area in which cardiovascular research is conducted and funded across countries, allowing research groups to jointly work on specific problems, exchange ideas, and benefit from cross border expertise”.

LYMIT-DIS brings together universities and research institutions to employ knowledge of cardiac blood vessels and lymphatics, cardiac metabolism and regulation of fibrosis to develop innovative therapeutic , preventive, and diagnostic strategies for diastolic heart failure.

This project has received funding from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation ‘Horizon 2020’,  under Grant agreement number ANR-16-ECVD-0004


Targeted Lymphatic and Microvessel Treatments in metabolic-DISease HFpEF

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