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Dr Ebba Brakenhielm

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Ebba Brakenhielm obtained a Master degree in Neurochemistry in 1998 (Stockholm University, Sweden), followed by a PhD degree at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden where she studied the role of angiogenesis in tumor growth and obesity under the supervision of Prof. Yihai Cao. She completed her postdoc training with Prof Lily Wu at UCLA, USA analyzing the role of lymphangiogenesis in prostate cancer metastasis.

In 2006, she obtained a tenured research position at Inserm to work in the Cardiovascular Research laboratory Inserm U644 /U1096 directed by Prof. C Thuillez/V Richard in Rouen, France. Her research has since been dedicated to development of novel biotherapies to stimulate blood and lymphatic vascular regrowth in injured hearts, including several high impact publications in relation to heart failure.

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