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Dr Arantxa González Miqueo

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Arantxa González Miqueo obtained a Master degree in Biochemistry in 1999 (1st National Award from the Ministry of Science and Education, Spain), followed by a PhD degree at the University of Navarra in 2003, where she studied the involvement of myocardial apoptosis in the development of heart failure related to hypertensive heart disease under the supervision of Prof. Díez and Dr. Fortuño. She completed her postdoctoral training with Prof. Piero Anversa and Annarosa Leri at the New York Medical College (New York, USA) and the Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston, USA) analysing the role of resident cardiac stem cells in myocardial regeneration. In 2005 she was granted the Norman R. Alpert Award from the European Society on Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

Currently she works as staff scientist in the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences and she is Associate Professor of the School of Medicine (University of Navarra). Additionally, she is a researcher from the Ramón y Cajal Program (2010) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain) and obtained the certification as researcher of the i3 Program (2010) from the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Spain) and the Government of Navarra (Spain).

She has participated in over 60 papers published in different high impact scientific journals within the cardiovascular field. She has been involved in several competitive research National projects and in different European projects within FP6 and FP7. 

Her studies are focused in the analysis of the mechanisms involved in myocardial remodelling, namely of the extracellular matrix, which plays a major role in the evolution of heart failure, as well as in the search for non-invasive circulating biomarkers of remodelling.

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