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LYMIT-DIS Second Meeting: September 2018

Pamplona, Spain: 2nd Meeting of the LYMIT-DIS consortium

The team members met on 19th-21st of September 2018 at the CIMA institute in Pamplona, Spain hosted by Partner 5 leader Dr Arantxa Gonzalez-Miqueo.

The Meeting was dedicated to intense & dynamic exchanges on the advancement of Project tasks and deliverables, with special focus on stimulating exchanges of methods and materials between our different teams to further advance the work packages.


  • Partner 1: Ebba Brakenhielm & Paul Mulder
  • Partner 2: Marc van Bilsen & Annika Kuhn
  • Partner 3: Anna Ratajska
  • Partner 4: Liz Jones & Steven Simmonds & Ilona Cuijpers
  • Partner 5: Arantxa Gonzales Miqueo & Javier Díez & Begoña López & Ujué Moreno & Susana Ravassa

 LYMIT DISPamplonaheart