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LYMIT-DIS 3rd meeting: September 2019


Maastricht, Netherlands: 3rd Meeting of the LYMIT-DIS consortium

The team members met on 19th-20th of September 2019 at the CARIM institute in Maastricht, Netherlands hosted by Partner 2 leader Dr Marc van Bilsen.

The Meeting was dedicated to presentation of results coupled with dynamic exchanges on the advancement of Project tasks and deliverables, with special focus on comparison of results between our different teams to further advance the work packages around investigations into HFpEF pathophysiology.


  • Partner 1: Ebba Brakenhielm & Vincent Richard & Virginie Tardif
  • Partner 2: Marc van Bilsen & Annika Kuhn & Blanche Schroen & Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca& Arantxa Barandiaran Aizpurua
  • Partner 3: Anna Ratajska & Aneta Moskalik
  • Partner 4: Liz Jones & Steven Simmonds & Ilona Cuijpers
  • Partner 5: Arantxa Gonzalez Miqueo